There’s something incredibly satisfying about making things with your own bare hands – especially when you’ve got a finished product to admire after just a couple of hours. Experts agree that crafting is packed full of benefits too: it works the creative part of your brain, allows you to switch off, to spend time with friends and away from screens. Throw in a good playlist and a drink or two and you’re onto a winner!

That’s exactly why The Crafty Makers was created: to put on events which allow people to relax, to have fun and to feel good by making something from scratch. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy our sessions – they are aimed at complete beginners and we’re confident that everyone will leave with a finished piece that they are proud of. 

We’re a new and growing business which means that we can be flexible – we’re happy to travel, to help you find a venue or to modify our packages to suit your needs. We’ll always aim to help if we can, just let us know what you’re looking for. The Crafty Makers